Welcome to your second home


コンセプトは「大人の別荘」―― ひと部屋ずつデザインの異なる4つのゲストルームは、大人の休日にふさわしく、ゆとりある造りになっています。薪ストーブのある玄関ホール、暖炉のある広々としたダイニングルーム、静かな時間を楽しめる図書室など、パブリックスペースも充実。プライベートの別荘のような上質であたたかい空間をご用意しています。


Surrounded by birch and larch trees, Bluebell Cottage is a small non-smoking hotel with four guest rooms with a taste of B&Bs in the British country side, located near Lake Megami, boasting beautiful sceneries of the season, in Tateshina, Nagano. 

With the concept of "the second home for the grown-ups" -- each guest room designed differently is with sufficient space, suitable for spending your holidays. Public space --an entrance hall with a wood stove, a spacious dining room with a fireplace and a quiet and comfortable library-- is also making a warm quaility space as if it is your private country house.  

Here you can be away from your every-day life and enjoy tranquillity of the beautiful highland, starting the day with birds singing, ending it with a skyful of stars.


410-17 Ashida-Hakkano, Tateshina-machi, Nagano

Tel. 0267-55-6755

Email: contact@bluebell-cottage.jp